Electrical Protection Systems and Equipment

Electrical power system is a vital element in any industrial operation. Regardless of how well the system is designed and built, freedom from equipment failure cannot be guaranteed. A good protection system will minimize damage to the faulted equipment and system while maintaining service to the remaining system. This course covers the basic principles of protection systems and the arrangement of various protection systems for typical power system components.  

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Day 1
Electrical Protection Basics - Introduction

    • Aims of Electrical Power Protection Systems
    • System Faults
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Direction and Differential Relays.
    • Protection Relays and their IEEE Device Numbers.
    • Power Fuses and Tripping Characteristics
    • Measurement Transformers

This topic introduces the basic principles of electrical protection. It covers types of system abnormalities that occur due to equipment failure. Operating characteristics of various relays to detect these abnormalities is discussed. Tripping characteristics of power fuses and operation of voltage and current transformers is also covered.  


Day 2
Electrical Protection Basics – Protection Schemes  

    • Generator Protection
    • Feeder Protection
    • Bus protection systems.
    • Transformer Protection
    • Motor Protection.
    • Capacitor Protection
    • Intertripping Schemes
    • Routine Inspection and Testing

This section covers typical protection schemes used to protect main components in a typical industrial power system from generators to motors and equipment in-between. Typical routine inspection and testing of protection equipment is given.

This course is designed for electrical technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities who work in an industrial plant

Discipline:    Electrical

Delivery type:   Classroom

Provider:    TPL

Possible Instructors: Fully qualified and certified TPL instructor with a minimum of 15 years instructor experience to international delegates in client or offsite locations.

Level:    Foundation

Course Version:      0

Length:       2 days

Skills Needed to
Take Course (pre-requisites):
    Anyone taking this course should familiar with electrical installations in an industrial setting.