Power Quality and Management

Power Quality is a measure of how well an electrical system supports reliable operation of its loads. Poor power quality is a result of disturbance or event in the system that can cause deviation in voltage, current, or frequency. Power disturbances can originate from the utility supply or from operation in the plant facility itself. This course discusses the issues that affect power quality in an industrial plant, its effects and remediation techniques used to lessen their impact.

Today’s industrial power systems are complex with several power sources and several loads with different level of criticality to the operation. Modern power management systems help avoid blackouts and manage the system for optimum efficiency. This course explains typical parameters monitored and controlled by power management systems. It includes the hardware, communication and software available for power management systems.

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Day 1
Power Quality Management

    • Definition power Quality
    • Causes of Poor Power Quality
    • Standards for Power Quality
    • Measuring Power Quality
    • Methods for Improving Power Quality

This topic covers over/under voltages \, voltage dip and spikes and harmonics in a power system. The cause for these abnormalities, instruments used to measure to measure them and methods used to protect against their impact is discussed in this topic.        


Day 2
Power Management Systems

    • Monitoring hardware
    • Typical power management system layout
    • Load shedding
    • Load sharing
    • Active and re-active power control
    • Integration with protection scheme
    • Data logging

This topic starts with components that make up a typical power management system. Philosophies behind load-shedding, load-sharing and active/ re-active power control are explained. Other features such as this system integrating with the electrical protection system and data logging are also discussed.  

This course is designed for electrical technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities who work in an industrial plant.

Discipline:    Electrical

Delivery type:   Classroom

Provider:    TPL

Possible Instructors: Fully qualified and certified TPL instructor with a minimum of 15 years instructor experience to international delegates in client or offsite locations.

Level:    Foundation

Course Version:      0

Length:       2 days

Skills Needed to
Take Course (pre-requisites):
    Anyone taking this course should familiar with electrical installations in an industrial setting.