Crude Oil Storage Tanks – Operation and Maintenance

This course will cover the operation and maintenance of crude oil storage tanks.

On day 1, participants will learn about the fundamentals and basic concepts of the different types of tanks. In order to operate tanks safely participants will learn about fire protection and venting systems.

On day two the participants will learn about crude tank operations from gathering systems, shipment and routine tank process and maintenance operations.

On day three the participants will learn about the scheduled maintenance done on the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation hardware. As well, tank cleaning and tank protection systems are also discussed.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Technical Information

Day 1
Tank Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • Tank Fire Protection
  • Tank Venting
  • Tank Emissions
  • Tank Accessories

Participants will learn about the basic concepts of crude tank construction and operation. They will also learn about fire protection, tank venting and tank emissions. Participants will become familiar with tank hardware and instrumentation.


Day 2
Tank Operations and Routine Maintenance

  • Crude Transportation and Storage
  • Crude Oil Cargo Handling
  • Shipment/receipt/Transfer
  • Water Draw
  • Tank Lot/Roof Drainage/Tank Gauging

Participants will be exposed to the process of storing and transporting crude oil. They will learn about handling crude in transport and the various types of storage facilities as it leaves the well and reaches the oil refinery. Participants will be exposed to information pertaining to routine maintenance done by process technicians and how crude oil level is verified and transported and stored.


Day 3

    • Tank Inspection
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Pipe and pipe Fitting Procedures
    • Tank Instrumentation Maintenance
    • Tank Degassing, Cleaning and Sludge Reduction
    • Safety Systems

Along with routine process maintenance the participants will learn about scheduled maintenance that is done on crude tanks. Participants will also learn about tank cleaning and degassing. Protection of plant personnel is vital therefore participants will gain knowledge on crude tank safety systems.

This course is mainly targeted to process operators, process technicians, and laboratory and maintenance personnel. The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

Discipline:    Process operations

Delivery type:   Classroom

Provider:    TPL

Possible Instructors: Fully qualified and certified TPL instructor with a minimum of 15 years instructor experience to international delegates in client or offsite locations.

Level:    Foundation

Course Version:      0

Length:       3 days

Skills Needed to
Take Course (pre-requisites):
    Participants should have some recent exposure to crude tank terminology.