Subsea Wellhead Systems

Subsea wellhead systems are made up of wellheads mounted on the seabed which are connected by piping systems. These systems are comprised of highly reliable hardware components to ensure the integrity of the system considering the medium in which they are installed. Subsea systems also require high integrity power systems which ensure that the proper levels of energy are provided to operate the subsea wellhead hardware.

On day 1 course participants will learn about how subsea wellhead systems are developed and how the hydrocarbons are gathered and brought to the surface for collection. On day 2 participants will become familiar with the power and control systems used in subsea wellhead systems.

On day 3 participants will be exposed to the various parts used in the subsea wellheads and piping used to connect multiple subsea wellheads. Day 4 participants will learn about the operation of the subsea wellhead and the Christmas tree. They will also learn about managing risk and making subsea wellhead systems reliable.

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  • Technical Information

Day 1
Subsea Wellhead Systems

  • Subsea Field development
  • System Architecture
  • Subsea Distribution System
  • Component Design Parameters

Participants will learn about how a subsea field is developed and the requirements needed to determine if development is a viable option. Once a field is established as viable the requirements for the subsea field are determined.  Participants are exposed to the makeup of the gathering and distribution system required to collect the hydrocarbons and bring them to the surface for treatment and storage.

Day 2

Subsea Wellhead Control

    • Types of Control Systems
    • Topside Equipment
    • Subsea Control Module
    • Subsea Power System

Participants will learn about the control system as well as the safety and protection systems required to operate a subsea wellhead system. Participants will gain knowledge of the interface between the subsea wellhead system and the topsides where the control functions are performed. Focus will be directed towards the reliability and integrity required from the hardware components as well as power systems given the nature of the operating environments.


Day 3
Subsea Equipment

    • Subsea Manifolds Components
    • Manifold Design and Analysis
    • Installation of Subsea Systems
    • Pipeline Ends and In-line Structures
    • Subsea Connections and Jumpers

Participants will be exposed to the different types of hardware found in a subsea wellhead system. The equipment that makes up the subsea wellhead, piping manifolds, piping connections and jumper lines will be covered. The participants will also be made aware of the hardware required to bring the hydrocarbons to the topsides facility.


Day 4
Subsea Wellhead Completions

    • Subsea Completions
    • Subsea Wellhead System
    • Subsea Christmas Tree
    • Subsea Risk and Reliability
    • Safety Considerations/Environmental Impact Assessment

Once the participants have an understanding of the required hardware components they will learn about the installation and connections required to build a subsea wellhead system. The participants will be made aware of installation procedures required for subsea completions which involve securing the equipment to the sea floor. Participants will be made aware of the risks and safety considerations of installing and operating subsea wellhead systems in a reliable manner.

This course is mainly targeted to process operators, process technologists laboratory and maintenance personnel. The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

Discipline:    Process operations

Delivery type:   Classroom

Provider:    TPL

Possible Instructors: Fully qualified and certified TPL instructor with a minimum of 15 years instructor experience to international delegates in client or offsite locations.

Level:    Foundation

Course Version:      0

Length:       4 days

Skills Needed to
Take Course (pre-requisites):
    Participants should have some recent exposure to subsea wellhead terminology.