Surface Wellhead System

In oil and gas production, every well must have a means of controlling the flow of hydrocarbons to their respective collection facility. The accepted equipment used during this process is called the christmas tree. This course covers the equipment and operation of surface wellhead systems which includes the christmas tree and the connections to the surface casing.

The christmas  tree  is mounted on the wellhead casing and tubing.  This course will provide the participants with the knowledge necessary to understand and enhance their operational aptitude of the surface wellhead system and asscociated equipment.

This course will also cover the components of the christmas tree which consist of an arrangement of valves and piping that allows isolation and flow control of the well.  An understanding of the wellhead casing and tubing is also provided  to explain the connection of the christmas tree.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Technical Information

Day 1

Surface and Subsurface Wellhead Systems

  • Surface wellhead and christmas tree
  • Casing Ssring
  • Surface wellhead system
  • Wellhead subsystem components

During day one, participants will be exposed to the basics of the wellhead subsystem which includes the casing and coil tubing and general arrangement of the production drill string. In addition, participants will explore the requirements of the casing and tubing string needed to connect the christmas tree.

Day 2
Surface Christmas Tree

  • Surface Christmas Tree System
  • Surface Christmas Tree Valves
  • Christmas Tree Wellhead Common Components
  • Christmas Tree Operation and Controls

On the second day, the participants will be exposed to the basics of the christmas tree, its operation and its valve arrangement. Participants will be introduced to the associate equipment as well as the piping required to attach the christmas tree to the wellhead.  Hydraulic control systems are also required to operate the automatic valves on the christmas tree and these will be explored.

This course is mainly targeted to process operators, process technicians, and laboratory and maintenance personnel. The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

Discipline:    Process operations

Delivery type:   Classroom

Provider:    TPL

Possible Instructors: Fully qualified and certified TPL instructor with a minimum of 15 years instructor experience to international delegates in client or offsite locations.

Level:    Foundation

Course Version:      0

Length:       2 days

Skills Needed to
Take Course (pre-requisites):
    Participants should have some recent exposure to oil and gas surface wellhead system terminology.